Lay Readers

Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. (Isaiah 60:1)

A Lay Reader is a member of the church authorised and licensed by the Bishop to read parts of a service of worship. They are also called to preach and lead services but not on full time basis. Licensed Lay Readers are entitled to wear a cassock and a surplice along with a blue stole and a medallion.

The Lay Readers of St George’s Church Penang is one of the core groups in its Parish Ministry. The ministry has a special role to play in the worship and building up of the body of Christ. The Lay Readers of St George’s comprise of dedicated men and women who have an admirable and excellent record of faithful participation in liturgical life, including regular services, special events and Holy Day commemorations.


Our vision is to bring the word of God to everyone.


In response to the Gospel and the Mission Mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ and being empowered by the Holy Spirit, we as Lay Readers of St. George’s Church aim to bring people to know the power of the gospel in their lives, and guide them to greater spiritual maturity in order to grow our
Church into a Cathedral to the glory of God.


The Lay Readers of St George’s Church are active in the following areas of ministry:

• Leading in the Litany prayers
• Assisting in the Chalice and Paten
• Reading of Lesson during a service
• Visiting the Sick
• Conducting Wake Service
• Assisting in the Burial service
• Assisting in Pastoral Care
• Publishing Banns of Marriage
• Administering Holy Baptism in an emergency
• Teaching Confirmation Classes
• Teaching Baptism Classes.
• Conducting Bible Studies
• Presenting Candidates for Confirmation
• Serving in any other Role for which Bishop has licensed him.


There are 10 Lay Readers serving at St. George’s Church Penang. They are Jaya Paul Arumai Dhas (Leader), Peter Fong, JC Ramesh, William Vethamoney, Dr. Vincent Ooi, Prof. Dr. Richard Loh, Ho Yik Tuck, Roy Chai, Petra Oon and Eunice Ong.

Acknowledging with gratitude the Retired Lay Readers since 2011

Bill Brohier, Dato Noel Ogle and Dr. Edward Samuel